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Ep. 84: Things I Have Learned About FM & The Workplace (Part 1) | Show Host Mike Petrusky

Ep. 84: Things I Have Learned About FM & The Workplace (Part 1) | Show Host Mike Petrusky

April 10, 2018


Mike Petrusky launched this podcast in the fall of 2016 with little understanding of where the show might go and who would be listening. If a few friends from the Capital Chapter of IFMA tuned in, he thought, that would be an incredible compliment and a lot of fun. But now, just a year and a half and over 80 episodes later, with thousands of monthly downloads from around the world, Mike reflects on what he has learned and is thankful for the amazing adventure this podcast journey has been! The workplace is evolving rapidly and we are not just dealing with simple changes, but transformational ones, so we must be in the business of rethinking the ways we care for the built environment. We know that technology is advancing incredibly fast and cultural shifts are significant, so FM professionals must focus on building a true culture of collaboration and creating trusted partnerships in order to succeed now and into the future. Mike reminisces about the inspirational leadership lessons he has learned from his many past guests on the show and he shares some of the highlights with you.

LISTEN TO PART 2: http://kayrellconnections.com/episode85

Connect with Mike on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikepetrusky/

Learn about the iOFFICE “Workplace Champions Summit 2018”: https://www.iofficecorp.com/workplace-champions-summit

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Kay Sargent: http://kayrellconnections.com/episode28

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WATCH Kay Sargent’s “The Big Shift” Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6_VcOqfyqE

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