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Ep. 47: Employee Experience & the Future of Work | Author Jacob Morgan (Part 1)

Ep. 47: Employee Experience & the Future of Work | Author Jacob Morgan (Part 1)

July 25, 2017


Jacob Morgan is a keynote speaker, a three time best-selling author, and a futurist with an understanding of what organizations must do to "win the war for talent" in today's workplace. Mike Petrusky talks with Jacob about his latest book, "The Employee Experience Advantage", which is focused on understanding how the workplace is changing and why culture, environment, and physical spaces are key factors in the future of work. Jacob shares his acronym ("COOL” Office Spaces) to determine if an organization is offering physical space that provides the four things that employees care about most when it comes to their work environment. Mike asks about Jacob's "The Future of Work Podcast" and the interviews he has done with executives from Gensler (Ep. 110) and CBRE (Ep. 145), two specific episodes that will be of great interest to the "FM Innovator Nation". We learn more about the evolving role of facility managers in the "workplace experience center" and the future trends in physical space that will help better connect employees to their organization's mission.

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