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Ep. 51: Service Design, Collaboration & Strategic FM | Peter Ankerstjerne - CMO at ISS A/S (Part 2)

Ep. 51: Service Design, Collaboration & Strategic FM | Peter Ankerstjerne - CMO at ISS A/S (Part 2)

August 22, 2017


In Part 2 of their conversation, Peter Ankerstjerne of ISS A/S shares with Mike Petrusky the importance of workplace experiences and service design, as well as the need for collaboration and strategic partnerships in facility management. As organizations continue to adapt to what the future of work will mean for them, Peter recommends that we "start with why" and focus more on outcomes to measure employee satisfaction, which is the key metric when seeking to attract and retain top talent in today's marketplace. ISS has led the industry with a series of white books and other research to help FM professionals think more strategically, work with service excellence, and achieve the changes necessary to keep pace with the workplace evolution. Mike asks Peter about his life in Copenhagen, vested outsourcing, and innovations in the workplace. Plus, they come up with a great idea for the perfect musical group to entertain us at IFMA's World Workplace in the future!

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