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Ep. 46: Energy, IoT, & FM Tech | Mike Bruce & Eric Oliver - InScope Innovation

Ep. 46: Energy, IoT, & FM Tech | Mike Bruce & Eric Oliver - InScope Innovation

July 18, 2017


InScope Innovation is working with big data and the Internet of Things to gain insights from the interconnection of devices and systems with the mission of having a global impact on the built environment. Mike Petrusky talks with InScope Innovation's President & Co-Founder, Mike Bruce, and VP of Energy Services, Eric Oliver, about how facility managers can make use of unique data analysis and information to generate powerful outcomes for their organizations. These industry-leaders believe that technology can transform people, and by doing so, those people can transform the FM industry. By leveraging automation to bring about real change and innovation in their workplaces, facility professionals can be freed up to focus on strategic initiatives. Mike Bruce shares his experiences with conversations in the C-Suite and offers inspiration and insights about the essential role that FMs can have by focusing on the impact of human capital in their workplaces. Mike P. also asks "What is an ESCO?" and learns the real story of how energy savings can be measured and proven using new technologies…and he jokes about the one way that his alma mater, Virginia Tech, ranks higher than MIT!

Connect with Mike Bruce on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikebruce/

Connect with Eric Oliver on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/emoenergy/

Learn more about InScope Innovation: http://inscopeinnovation.com/

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