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Episode 23: The Life of a Facility Manager | Dexter Barrow of AAMC

Episode 23: The Life of a Facility Manager | Dexter Barrow of AAMC

February 7, 2017


By understanding the many roles and responsibilities of a facility manager, FM industry-partners and the entire community can be in a better position to help meet the needs of the workplace together. FM professional Dexter Barrow talks with Mike Petrusky about caring for his facility, its occupants, and building trusted IFMA relationships at both the local chapter level and around the world during World Workplace. The importance of collaboration with fellow facility management professionals, other internal departments, and outside partner companies shines through during this interview. Dexter also discusses how investing in the development of the next generation of FMs is essential to the future of the profession. Facility managers must be aware of new technologies and have an understanding of workplace strategies to manage the built environment effectively. Dexter's comments about "binge watching" a TV show leads Mike to share another personal story, which takes us down a path where the show nearly becomes just another fanboy podcast for "The Walking Dead"!

This episode includes mentions of fellow Capital Chapter of IFMA members Geoff Snavely (Episode 7), Gary McKelvey, Jr. (Episode 2) and Sue "The Carpet Lady" Hedges (Video Interview, 2015). Learn more about each of them and sign up to “Be an FM innovator!”® at www.kayrellconnections.com

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